This includes:

E Woo Picasso C.T.Scanner.

Our C.T. scanner is the E Woo Picasso scanner, used for 3D imaging of the jaws.

Piezzo Electric

This is a special machine used for bone cutting only. Traditionally bone drills are used for this treatment – but using this ultrasonic cutting technology, bone is removed and re-shaped effortlessly).

Daray Multimedia Surgical Light

In our on-site theatre we have a surgical operating lighting system which allows the surgeons to see very clearly (with no shadowing). It also incorporates a SONY ® digital camcorder so that all surgery is recorded and stored as part of our contemporaneous record keeping. The data is then burned onto a DVD and stored.

Digital Vacuum

The Sister 3 (Eschmann®) vacuum autoclave is the latest digital sterilisation machine.
The Sister 3 (Eschmann®) vacuum autoclave is the latest digital sterilisation machine. It not only sterilises surgical equipment in 45 minutes, but also stores all data relating to the cycle (ensuring no error in sterilisation has occurred).

The New Little Sister Autoclave Infection ControlEiMSWasher DisinfectorsAutoclavesNew Little Sister – Overview – Process Monitoring – Advanced Water System – Superior Performance – Intuitive Operation – Direct Data Download – Instrument Management – Technical Information – Downloads – Eschmann Care Little Sister SES 2010SES 2000EducationOverview

At Eschmann we work hard to understand the needs of our customers, constantly striving to ensure you enjoy complete confidence in the Eschmann name.
When it comes to sterilising your instruments, for market leading performance and total peace-of-mind, time after time, there’s only one choice – the new Little Sister Autoclave from Eschmann.

BS EN13060 Compliant
All manufacturers providing autoclaves for sale in many of today’s healthcare markets have a responsibility to ensure their products are designed in accordance and comply with this standard.

Compliance provides the healthcare professional with the assurance that the new Little Sister range has been designed and manufactured to provide consistent, validated sterilization, time after time.

DP Medical Surgical Microscope

For micro-soft tissue surgery we use a surgical microscope. This allows us to magnify very small areas of the gum tissue and makes sutures small gum tissue very easy using fine sutures that are able to resorb easily. This in turn reduces healing time and trauma.

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