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Allowing you to make an Informed Choice

We offer leading Implant systems with over 25 years of complete documented clinical evidence.

We are trained and qualified in the UK specifically in Implant dentistry – the examination of the Royal college sets standards far higher than the expected of the general dental council – we aim to promote education in this field that is one of the most complex areas of Dentistry. Working closely with you we will provide treatment that is SAFE, PREDICTABLE , and has LONG TERM success.

We do not look at short term gain by providing compromised treatment plans. We will fully inform patients and consent them to the procedure. We have invested in ourselves and also our clinic set in rural Berkshire we boost the most advanced 3D imaging technology for virtual placements and treatment planning. Our results are constantly evaluated and internal audit is a requirement. Our Cross Infection and sterilisation policies are in excess to current legal requirements and also our aseptic techniques. We also boast a 98% success rate audited over the last 8 years.

Its your mouth, your teeth and your life – make a informed decision based on whom you choose to replace your teeth.

Our diagnostic technology involves having the latest 3D imaging machine called a Dental C.T. (Computer Tomograph) scanner. This scanner is new to the market and has less radiation and more clarity than a hospital equivalent C.T. scan used in dentistry. Read more…

We have an operating theatre on-site, which includes technology that is cutting edge to make your treatment pleasant and a pain free experience. All surgery is recorded using a Daray Surgical lighting and multimedia system.

Our idea is to provide our patients access to the latest technology used in the world of Implant treatment in a relaxed spa-like atmosphere at our practice in Berkshire. Implant treatment is often a confusing area for patients to understand – which is why we take the time needed to explain that tooth replacement using dental Implants is all dependent on the state of the underlying bone anatomy. At this practice we can deal with extreme bone loss and reconstruction of the mouth – but make sure it is simplified into understandable treatment sequences to the patient.

We promote post graduate education and our director Dr Avik Dandapat is a holder of the Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons, London. This qualification has been attained by less than 100 dentists worldwide and is regarded as the “ gold standard ” in Implant training in the UK. All our Dentists involved in the Implant process have passed the examination for membership at the Royal College of Surgeons as a minimum accepted standard.

Mission Statement

To attain continued excellence in Dental Implant treatment by ensuring safe, predictable evidence-lead treatment, comprehensive consent processes, highest sterilisation standards, and pain-free minimally invasive treatment using the latest digital diagnostic technology in the world today.

Our Philosophy

  • Performing treatments that involve only the best biomaterials and titanium Implant systems on the market.
  • No sales persons – direct dentist to patient contact.
  • Comprehensive consent process and treatment estimate.
  • All work guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Pain-free surgery and I.V. sedation for treatment.

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