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Get to know us, our Practice and our patients

Why Choose Us for Missing Teeth Solutions?

Where is UK Dental Implant Dentistry Going?

What to Expect at Dental Implant Centre

Welcome to The Dental Implant Centre

Dental Implant Treatment Detailed Examination

What Is A Dental Implant? By Dr Avik Dandapat

Meet Bianka Roberts – Our Treatment Coordinator

Patient Centred Care Dental Implant Centre

Patient Leszk Marizewski ‘s Experience

Dental Implants – The Patient Journey

Patient Testimonial – Tammy Maree

Consent Explained For Dental Implants

Price Differences And Quality Care explained

Patient Experience – Joy Chambers

Our Philosophy for Dental Implant Treatment

Meet Marzena Zmarzly

Meet Dr Arvind Sallan at Dental Implant Centre

An Introduction to Dr Avik Dandapat

Our Dental Implant Treatment Coordinator

Patient Case Study 5

Patient Case Study 8

Patient Case Study 1

Patient Case Study 2

Patient Case Study 7

Patient Case Study 6

Patient Case Study 3

Patient Case Study 4

Patient Case Study 9

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