The Truth About Teeth on BBC TV – Do Dental Implants really only last 5-10 Years

 TV program called “The Truth about your Teeth” on BBC showed a consultant state some incorrect facts about dental implants, compared to a tooth transplantation treatment.

“Do Dental Implants really only last last 5-10 Years?

Here’s what the Dental Implantologist Dr Avik Dandapat says”:

About  Auto-transplantation?

Autotransplantation is the transplantation of a tooth (erupted, impacted, or embedded) from one site, into another surgical or extraction site within the same person’s mouth. It is considered to be a treatment solution for missing teeth.

  • Transplanting teeth is a technique used in children are 17 years and younger, who need to have their lower premolar teeth removed by extraction as part of the preparation for an orthodontic (teeth straightening) treatment.
  • Children within this age range do not have developed tooth roots yet, which is why tooth transplantation is a possible treatment which can be done under the NHS for the specified indications that need this dental procedure.

The Truth about Dental Implants

“The TV programme was misleading by saying implants only last 5-10 years”

Again, the consultant referred to this for young children as their jaws are still developing. The reality is there are now thousands of studies that prove a minimum of 15 years or more when it comes to the success of a dental implant.

Implants are the most ideal solutions for missing teeth problems, and are guaranteed to feel and look natural unlike other dental appliances such as dentures. An implant treatment can give a patient a healthy, beautiful smile for decades, especially when combined with proper oral health habits and regular visits to the dentist.

Watch the Show:

In the programme, the patient is an adolescent boy with a knocked-out front tooth.

The consultant proceeds to remove a tooth from the back of the boy’s mouth, and transplants it to the front to replace the lost tooth. The consultant says the goal of the treatment is to make sure that the boy will grow up to have his smile intact, especially since the lost tooth is located in the front of this mouth.

Indications of Tooth Transplantation

  • Tooth transplantation is commonly done to solve the problem of a tooth suffering from extensive damage from dental caries.
  • In the case of young adolescents, it is common to have their first molars erupt early from the gum line, and then be exposed to the normal wear and tear of use.
  • When the first molar is removed, the teeth will have a tendency to shift, and the jaw may experience uneven growth.
  • These situations can lead to dental malocclusion – an abnormality with how the teeth come together when the jaw is closed.

Autotransplantation Benefits

  • Autotransplantation will help with the maintenance of even teeth spacing, without major changes to the way the jaw grows.
  • Transplanting a tooth into the space where another tooth is lost will help prevent bone deterioration, preserving the healthy structure of the jawbone.
  • Its late development makes a wisdom tooth the most viable option to be transplanted to the area where the first molar is removed.
  • Trauma that results in a tooth being knocked out is another case when tooth transplantation is needed.
  • The knocked out tooth can be replaced, provided that it is brought to the dentist within 24 hours, and the root remained untouched and kept clean.
  • Congenital tooth absence is another indication that can be helped with a tooth transplant, in a patient’s own tooth will be transplanted where it is needed.

 “Our Dental Implant clinics in Reading and Harley Street, London has been placing implants for well over a decade, and we have seen implants lasting well past that time”

Rest assured that our expected life span for an implant is a minimum of 15 years. We believe it is important that we clarify the facts for you, and we will happily substantiate the vast array of evidence now available to prove implants are the only viable long term fixed tooth replacement available that does not involve a denture or dental bridge (which would affect the neighbouring teeth).

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