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Dental implants are the ideal solutions for your missing teeth problems. However, not all implants are created equal, and not every implant system can offer high quality results you can rely on.

“Straumann dental implants offer excellent solutions backed by extensive clinical tests and scientific research – so you can restore the beauty of your smile with complete safety and peace of mind”.

Dental Implant Centre (Clinics in Reading–Berkshire & Harley street) offers Straumann dental implants with reassurance of a lifetime guarantee from straumann on the components we use from them. Call the Dental Implant Centre now and we will help you change your smile – and your quality of life.

Trusted Straumann Dental Implants

  • Straumann is a world-renowned dental implant company with more than 40 years of providing unparalleled oral health care solutions.
  • There are no shortcuts when it comes to Straumann dental implants; the system is backed by extensive scientific research and clinical trials to provide predictable implant treatment results that are guaranteed safe.
  • Choose excellent quality, world-trusted Straumann dental implants to restore your smile.
  • Straumann is the implant system of choice of dentists in more than 70 countries. With more than 14 million implants placed successfully, Straumann continues to uplift the quality of life of countless missing teeth sufferers.

Check Our Outstanding Offer at £2,495 (Straumann Implant + Crown) with lifetime component guarantee included – Normally priced at £3,800, you SAVE: £1,300 per implant! At Dental Implant Centre.

“Cheap dental implants are now readily available in the market, but how sure are you about their quality?”

Do you really want to use implants of questionable quality?
Go for the guaranteed quality and reliability offered by Straumann dental implants, which also includes a lifetime guarantee on their components.

Why Choose Straumann Dental Implants? 

  • Lifetime Guarantee – Straumann dental implants and components are backed by a lifetime guarantee. You can also rest assured of parts availability regardless of changes in technology or designs, should there be a need to restore or replace the implants.
  • Scientifically Backed – Straumann implants are backed by more than 40 years of comprehensive scientific research and clinical trials, with more than 700 scientific publications providing documentation and support.
  • Implant Industry Pioneer – Straumann has been manufacturing, researching, and developing dental implants since 1974. The company has been on the forefront of implant industry breakthroughs which are still in use today.
  • Worldwide Trust – The Straumann Dental Implant System’s clinical brilliance and Swiss precision engineering have earned the trust of dentists and dental clinicians worldwide, with more than 14 million Straumann implants successfully placed.
  • Product and Technological Innovations – Optimal patient experience is a targeted focus of Straumann product and technological breakthroughs. Examples are the original SLActive® surface, and the unique Straumann Roxolid® implant material.
  • Don’t take the risk with cheap dental implants. Call us now to take advantage of the Dental Implant Centre’s unbeatable special offer for Straumann implants, and SAVE: £1100  per implant (including a lifetime guarantee for components)

Breakthrough Technology by Straumann Dental Implants

  1. The Straumann SLActive® Surface – Predictable Results

Straumann SLActive® is the dental implant surface clinically proven to:

  • Shorten the healing period after implant placement
  • Improve the implant ossointegration (How the Implant fuses with bone)
  • Greatly reduce the risk of implant failure, especially in the critical early stage right after implant placement

How does the SLActive® surface work to stabilise the implant during the healing stage?

  • The SLActive® surface makes the Straumann implants hydrophilic, which gives the surface the ability to absorb blood in a much quicker rate when compared to a non-SLActive® surface.
  • The hydrophilic properties brought about by the SLActive® surface facilitates faster ossointegration, or integration of implants with the surrounding tissue.
  • Healing time is reduced greatly, making it possible for the teeth restorations (such as fixed dentures or dental bridge) to be placed sooner, to fully restore the smile’s function and appearance.

  1. Roxolid®

Roxolid® is a high-performance alloy which was particularly designed to offer enhanced strength compared to pure titanium; this enables the implant to bear greater load.

Roxolid® is also designed to facilitate improved ossointegration, providing more treatment options with the use of stronger, smaller implants.

Roxolid® Straumann dental implants can be used when smaller dental implants are needed, in conditions such as when the patient has inadequate jawbone quality.

In applicable cases, the need for bone grafting (to augment the jawbone) is eliminated with the help of Straumann implants made from Roxolid®.

Benefits of Roxolid®

  • Less invasiveness
  • Reduced treatment time
  • More implant treatment options
  • Lower treatment cost
  • Crucial bone structure preserved
  • Patient anxiety minimized with faster healing and less discomfort post-operatively
  • Roxolid® lifetime guarantee

Are You Ready to Transform Your Smile?

Enjoy this exceptional Dental Implant Centre Offer: £2,495 (Straumann Implant + Crown) with lifetime component guarantee included.
Normally priced at £3,800.00, you SAVE: £1,300 per implant!

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