Case 1

2 dental implants to secure a lower loose denture

This patient had a very loose lower full denture. The treatment carried out was placement of 2 Implants to stabilise the lower full denture.

“My lower denture was loose for many years and I could not even go to my favourite restaurant anymore. The treatment was fully explained to me & I was surprised how painless it was. I was impressed with the professionalism, concern and aftercare that I received by Avik and all his staff” Mrs F. Baker

Case 3

Bone Grafts + Sinus Grafts

This patient lost an upper front tooth. The treatment carried out was a Bone and Gum Graft (as the infection had destroyed a great deal of bone). An Implant and Crown were then placed in that gap.

“I visited a few dentists and they all said I had no bone and couldn’t have an Implant. I went to see Avik who told me that I could have a bone graft and then an Implant. At first it was a scary thought. But with his caring and gentle approach to my treatment I was able to have a bone graft – which was completely painless to my shock and then an Implant. I am recommending Avik to all my friends” Ms C. Gold.

Case 2

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