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Case 5

All ceramic restorations with Implant

Creating natural replacement teeth using our dental implants and natural all ceramic restorations for aesthetic and functional replacement teeth allowing you to chew, smile and sing with confidence again

Case 3

Single Implant Placement

Case 1

Bridge with 2 Dental Implants

Case 4

Single Implant Placement

Mrs Jones had attended for a fractured Upper incisor tooth – we placed an Ankylos Implant at the same time of extraction as well as a temporary tooth – by using this technique we were able to save all the gum tissue and bone. Mrs Jones opted for a high quality aesthetic crown and as you can see under this high definition photo the shade and match was as perfect as possibly achievable using ceramic dental technology.

Case 2

Single Implant Placement

This patient had a crown which snapped off at gum level. The treatment carried out was that the root was taken out and an Immediate Implant & Crown were placed in that area.