Examples of the i-Smile™Implant Concepts are shown below and each case has been performed using our own protocol for treatment.

What makes the i-Smile™ different to other systems is the simplicity of the treatment, speed and high aesthetic results. These in turn make treatment for patients comfortable , pain free, hassle free and ultimately aims to give patients there natural looking teeth back.
Dr Dandapat has invented the techniques and protocols himself and it aims to minimise the number and time of appointments to create your new Implant supported smile.

© Dr Avik Jonathan Dandapat BDS(Birm), MFGDP(UK) RCS Eng, Dip.Imp.Dent RCS(Eng), MSc(Implant Dentistry), Leeds UK COPYRIGHT

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 Full Mouth CasesSingle Implant CasesStabilise & Bone Grafting Cases

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