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Here at the Dental implant Centre’s we have decided from January 2018 we will only be offering Straumann and Megagen Dental implant systems.

Over the last decade we have audited our high success rates but also analysed what we feel has worked the best in terms of patient safety, aesthetic outcomes and predictable surgical results and thus have decided we will now be offering what we consider the market leading implant systems and also all our patients will be having a complete digital pathway using the very latest 3Shape trios scanner for the crown construction and digitally planned CBCT implant placement.

“We have stepped away from using metal ceramic restorations and traditional impressions but now are moving to making this the only options for our patients as we feel the restorations are far superior than the counterparts on the market”.

Metal free dental crowns

Both our implant systems have a lifetime component warrantee against fracture or component failure and thus we only use manufacturer approved component in our dental implants.

  • This means our pricing structure is largely unchanged as we still can offer a competitive price bracket for the quality of care as well as the certified materials we use in your body.
  • But we will not be offering the cheaper solutions as we feel there should be no compromise on the quality we offer our patients.

“Our clinic director Dr Avik Dandapat has outlined the simple philosophy that we will treat each patient as if they were a member of our own family and thus provide them with the very best treatment we feel appropriate and implants that will be highly predictable with the least downtime for our clients”.

  • We continue to have invested in technology, training and development of the practices.
  • We now have over 15 years of implant experience in the clinics and have treated many thousands of cases.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our patients for there continued support and trust in our clinics and we promise to continue to provide our patients with a personalised service using what we consider the best in the field of tooth replacement. Why settle for anything else?

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