Patient Case Study of the Month

Patient Case Study of the Month

i-Smile™ Same day
Full mouth Reconstruction

Patient had an i-Smile™ bespoke on upper arch (Jaw) and an i-Smile™ same day on the lower arch.

Jennifer’s Success Story

“Jennifer’s story – Jennifer came to us in 2010 and she had failing upper and lower teeth. She had already seen 3 other implant surgeons in another clinics and being a US resident living in the UK had also seen some USA based cosmetic dentists. After speaking to her friends about Dr Dandapat she finally choose Avik at the dental implant centre, Twyford nearing reading to embark on the journey to having a new set of fixed teeth. For anyone this is a big decision based on costs involved, commitment needed and the anxiety of having all the remaining teeth removed. Jennifer opted for our bespoke i-Smile(Same Day) option so we were able to plan her to have all her teeth removed in one day, the 12 dental implants placed and then a fixed temporary bridge placed at the same time in the upper and lower jaws. Our unique i-smile system means Jennifer did not have to experience having a set of dentures ever in her life. After an initial diagnostic appointment whereby we took photos, impressions and digital images of her smile, face and facial bones we were able to relate this information to our master ceramic technician to produce a temporary bridge prior to us embarking on surgery.

The big day came and the surgery was planned for 9.30am start – she attended the clinic at 9.00am and our support staff went through the pre op instructions , medical assessment and pre surgical checks. Jennifer opted for sedation – so she would be relaxed during the surgery. Everything went exactly as planned and Jennifer had her new fixed smile completed by 11.30am – allowing a period of 1 hour for recovery she was on her way to healing.

She healed for a total of 4 months then a further 3 appointments of 1 hour each were needed to produce her new ceramic upper and lower bridges. Jennifer can now eat, speak and function as if they were her own teeth back. The team at could not be happier for her and the success story of her treatment. Its patients like jennifer whom make our work very satisfying and all our staff were excited to see her results carried out efficiently with the minimal amount of fuss or complication. ”

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