“Dental Implant fees are a confusing area for patients and often clinics quote a cost on the Internet and when the patient arrives they receive many hidden extras which they were unaware of.

Our approach to fees is simplified to our patients and we cost each case based on the level of difficulty , time taken and the most predictable outcomes”. Instead of providing a cost for an implant and crown we provide common scenarios of treatment from the very least costing options to the more involved. We offer a range of implant systems and each have merits for particular clinical situations. We have decided to offer the appropriate implant system for the clinical situation which in turn dictates costs.


We offer a range of Implant systems at the clinic. The reason for this was to be able to offer our patients a greater choice of implants dependant on their specific budget. We do understand that several clinics offer differing price structures and we wish to be clear to all patients which products you receive. We offer 2 brands of implants explained below:

*Standard Implants
A titanium implant which offers excellent stability and is compatible with Nobel Biocare system. Our guarantee is 5 years from the date of installation of the implant. All components of the Implant system come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

*Premium Implants
Straumann Implants. These maybe used in specific aesthetic cases or for patients whom request a well known brand of implants. In addition our guarantee is 10 years on premium implants (See Terms with your specific implant report). Certain features of these implants are highly desirable in trickier cases and we will advise you if and when we feel these are needed.

Both standard and premium implants are chosen by our clinical director for the merits of well cited long term tests on both systems which have been in use for over 20 years. In essence we will always perform exactly the same procedure and deliver the same standard of care regardless of implant system , the choice is simply which product patients wish to choose dependant on patients wishes and specific budgets. We will always consider your views when making clinical decisions. All patients will receive a clear and comprehensive report outlining the costs, risks, benefits and procedures involved in your case – this usually happens after the CT scan and examination stages.

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