Dental implants all have the same goal – to provide solutions for missing teeth, and in the process to improve a person’s quality of life. However, the quality (and the end-result) of all dental implants are not the same, and the differences will be influenced by a number of factors. One of the main factors that affect the quality of dental implants is the cost involved. In the world of dental implants, and particularly with the Dental Implant Centre, the costs involved will reflect on the high-quality implants one can look forward to enjoying in the near future.

A variety of price ranges can be seen when looking at the various dental implant services offered by clinics in the world of dentistry. Getting to know more about the factors that affect the cost will be beneficial in deciding which offer to choose, after looking at the numerous offers available. In the world of dental implants, the cost will be determined by the following factors:

  • Facilities and technology used in the laboratory;
  • Type of dental implant to be used;
  • The expertise of the dental surgeon on a specific patient’s case

Careful consideration should be made when deciding on which dental implants offer to go for. As the implants are titanium screws placed directly into the jawbone, only the best in terms of dental implant quality, dental surgeon’s expertise, and technology should go into the whole process of dental implants placement. The procedure will involve not only a person’s tooth (or teeth), but the jaw bone, and the whole face as well – so there should be very little to no compromise in terms of the quality of materials used, as well as the whole treatment planning stage.

Choosing a dental implants system is a crucial decision, as it can have a remarkable impact on one’s life for years to come.

The dental implant system used by the Dental Implant Centre and by Dr. Avik Dandapat is not the most expensive one in the world of dentistry, nor is it the one with the lowest cost. However, the system used is one that has been proven for more than 20 years, so one can expect this system to provide dental implants that can be used efficiently for decades to come – providing one with a chance to enjoy a life full of smiles to the fullest.

Some clinical information about our system – please feel free to download the links below

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