Often this is a very confusing area for patients whom require this treatment with a very vast array of fees and options. Here we aim to simplify your choices of restoration available and explain the differences with specific case examples for you to see.

When you either have all your existing teeth failing or have no teeth and currently have dentures the difficulty of your case is determined by the amount of remaining dento-alveolar bone that remains. We need to assess this by means of a CT Scan of the jaw and determine the volume of bone available for your case. Often patients with periodontal disease of the teeth do not realise the later you make the decision for removal of the diseased teeth the more damage is occurring to the underlying bone. Aggressive periodontal disease on teeth leads to dramatic loss of bone – reported evidence shows a patients loses 10 times more bone in an infected periodontally involved tooth than having no tooth at all.

There are 2 Types of Prosthesis of Teeth that Can be Used

a) A Removable Denture (made from an acrylic material) supported by Dental Implant. Learn More>

The plastic (Acrylic) set of teeth are similar to a set of dentures but are anchored on dental implants making them more stable than conventional tissue supported dentures.

b) A Fixed Teeth Bridge Restoration (made from ceramic) on Dental Implants. Learn More>

The fixed option is to have ceramic teeth permanently cemented to the implants and requires more implants and more bone.

*Important note: Some clinics (not ours) offer fixed teeth using plastic teeth (i.e dentures) screwed permanently into the implants – it is our belief that this practice is not a long term solution for our patients and therefore do not offer this as an option to out patients.


More Information (Downloadable PDF’s)

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