Dental implants are great ways to provide solutions for problems that missing teeth can result to. However, there are some cases when the patient’s jaw bone (where the implants will be placed) does not have sufficient mass, making it very difficult or almost impossible to proceed with the dental implants placement. Sinus grafting is a procedure that can help in augmenting the jaw bone, so the dental implants can be placed successfully.

The Necessity of a Sinus Grafting Procedure

A sinus grafting procedure is necessary in cases when the patient has a very thin sinus wall, making it almost impossible to place dental implants in the area. Also called a sinus lift, sinus grafting involves the surgical addition (or augmentation) of bone into the upper jaw’s maxillary sinus, especially in the area where the molars and the premolars are located. The dental surgeon will need to move or lift the sinus membrane upwards, so that a space can be created; this space is where the additional bone will surgically be placed. The goal of sinus grafting is to add bone mass to the sinus area, so this particular area can then provide firm support to the dental implants that the patient needs.

The following problems can successfully be addressed by sinus grafting:

  • Insufficient bone mass as a result of tooth extractions;
  • Bone loss in the area due to periodontal or gum disease complications
  • Complicated anatomy of a patient’s jaw area (difficulty in dental implants placement).

Sinus Grafting Material

The material that will be added to augment the patient’s sinus area, to pave the way for successful dental implants placement, can come from a number of sources, namely:

  • From the patient’s own body (particularly in the hip or pelvic area);
  • From another human donor (directly from another person, or sourced through an accredited tissue bank;
  • From an animal donor (directly from an animal, or sourced through an accredited tissue bank);
  • Artificial bone grafting material, created inside a laboratory

Sinus grafting can makes a previously almost-impossible dental implants placement to be done successfully, providing the patient with the dental implant benefits he or she deserves. Once the sinus area has been augmented successfully with additional bone tissue, the patient can then look forward to having the missing teeth solutions he or she will fully benefit from, for a long period of time.

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