What is  i-Smile™ ?

i-Smile™ is an approach to placing Implants whereby the complete treatment can be completed in between just 5 to 7 appointments (Same-day temporary teeth can be placed in one appointment)

Benefit of Asking Your Dentist for i-Smile™ Dental Implants

The i-Smile™ is a concept invented by implantologist Dr Avik Jonathan Dandapat. It is a term that encompasses many of the common terms that are often misleading to patients such as same day teeth, allon4 etc. An i-Smile™ is simply a smile created and supported only by dental implants.Traditional techniques of creating implant supported ceramic bridges may involve up to 20 appointments with your dentist. More time off work. i-Smile™ will aim to complete your entire case in 5-7 appointments and our bespoke surgical techniques for implant placement means the longest surgical times are 2 hours from start to finish. i-Smile™ is a trademark of DentalImplantCentre.com (UK).

i-Smile™ Dental Implant Concept Aims:

  1. To provide Implant supported fixed teeth on the upper or lower arch.
  2. To minimise treatment time to a maximum of 7 actual appointments to finish.
  3. To provide a temporary fixed bridge in one day.
  4. To aim to complete surgery of placement of a minimum of 6 dental implants and the bridge within a maximum of 2 hours of time working in a patients mouth.
  5. Minimise recovery period and post surgical discomfort and swelling

Same Day Teeth or One Day Dental Implants

The traditional method of placing dental implants involved months of waiting, before the whole implant system can be enjoyed or used to the fullest. However, patients who meet specific criteria can now enjoy Same Day Teeth (also called One Day Teeth) with dental implants; these terms pertain to the technology that enables a dental surgeon to place a dental implant, as well as the prosthetic tooth, in a single visit. Persons who have problems with a damaged or missing tooth, dentures, or dental bridges will be expertly assessed; once the necessary criteria have been met, the patient can have a new fixed smile (including the dental implant and the tooth replacement) placed in a single appointment.i-SmileTM Implants

i-SmileTM is a cutting-edge technique used with the goal of minimising the amount of invasive surgery a patient has to go through to support a full bridge of replacement teeth. As this technique’s name suggests, four dental implants are used to provide a secure anchor to the teeth replacement, while maximising the existing jaw bone in the areas where the implants are to be placed.

Two implants will be placed at the front area of the mouth, to take advantage of the stronger and denser jaw bone. Two more implants are placed at the back of the mouth at a 45-degree angle to provide maximum stability; this position will also maximise the stronger bone area located in the front of the jaw. An arch of replacement teeth (or a dental bridge) can then be successfully anchored to the abutments on the four dental implants.

i-SmileTM Implants can also provide Same Day Teeth, as it is very rare for the i-SmileTM Implants technique to need a healing period. With the i-SmileTM technique, patients can have the implants placed and the permanent dental bridge attached (and ready to be used) – all on the same day.

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i-Smile™ Dental Implant Service Level Options

Single Missing Tooth Replaced with a Dental Implant in the Upper or Lower Jaw.


Upper Denture Secured and Stabilised with 4 Dental Implants.

Denture is Detachable.
Lower Denture Secured and Stabilised with 2 Dental Implants.

Denture is Detachable.

‘12 -Tooth’ Bridge Fixed with 6 Dental Implants on the Same Day
  • Upper or Lower Jaw
  • Final Bridge is placed after healing.
  • Includes: CT-scans and planning.
  • Excludes: Sinus grafting, bone regeneration and all extractions.
  • Temporary immediate bridge or denture (whilst healing)
  • Appointments Required: 2

‘12 -Tooth’ Bridge Fixed with 6 Dental Implants on the Same Day
  • Upper or Lower Jaw
  • Temporary Bridge is placed on the Same day
  • Final Bridge is placed after healing.
  • Includes: CT-Scans, Fixed Temporary Acrylic Bridge, planning and minor guided bone regeneration at sites.
  • Excludes: sinus grafts, major grafts, complex extractions


‘12 -Tooth’ Bridge Fixed with 6 Dental Implants on the Same Day on the Upper Jaw

  • Upper or Lower Jaw
  • Temporary Bridge is placed on the Same day
  • Final Bridge is placed after healing.
  • Includes: 6 Dental Implants, Fixed Bridge or Fixed Temporary Acrylic Bridge, CT-Scans, planning, extractions, Sinus Graft or major Bone Regeneration as required.

High-end Individually designed Dental Crowns
(and a 3 unit bridge), fixed onto 10 Dental Implants Per Jaw.
  • An all inclusive service.
  • Includes: up to an Unlimited Number of Dental Implants (10 per arch), High End Ceramic Crown Work, CT-Scans, Temporary Immediate Bridge or Denture, planning, extractions, Sinus Graft and major Bone Regeneration.

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