The problems caused by missing teeth need to addressed – in the soonest possible time. A missing tooth (or missing teeth) can cause difficulties in eating, speaking, or even smiling for a person, and it is natural to look for a solution that will address the problem in a very effective way. The Dental Implant Centre will efficiently and carefully assess a patient’s needs and wants when it comes to missing teeth options, to successfully determine which option will provide the most benefit for the individual in the long term.

Options for Missing Teeth Solutions

There are several options that can be used to provide solutions to missing teeth. All of the options given below will effectively replace the form and function of missing teeth, so that an individual can lead a “normal” life once again after the loss of his or her teeth.

Dentures – Dentures can be used to address missing teeth issues. Also called “removable plates”, removable dentures are prosthetic devices that replace the form and function of several or all missing teeth. Removable partial dentures have two main categories according to the material used – metallic and non-metallic. The best type of non-metallic dentures is the Valpast Partial Denture, which is made from a flexible nylon material that is non-allergenic and biocompatible.

Dental Bridges – Also called fixed partial dentures, dental bridges can replace one or a few missing teeth – specifically those that still have existing natural teeth surrounding them. The prosthetic tooth (or teeth) is used to “bridge” the gap left by a missing tooth (or teeth), and this dental crown is then anchored securely to natural teeth on both sides of the (previous) gap.

Dental Implants – Dental implants, in essence, are substitutes for the root of a natural tooth. The implant is a cylinder made of titanium, which is then placed directly into the jaw bone. These implants replace the function of both the tooth and its root, providing a patient with the most efficient replacements for missing natural teeth. A dental implant system has three parts:

  • The implant itself
  • Abutment – a small piece made from either ceramic or titanium, which is connected to the implant and then protrudes through the gums to the oral cavity
  • Dental Crown – the prosthetic tooth which is cemented or anchored to the abutment; this replaces the form and function of the missing tooth

The Dental Implant Centre will help a patient assess his or her needs and goals when deciding on which missing teeth option to choose. The goal is to give the patient the best missing teeth solution after all factors have been considered, so that he or she can make the most out of these replacements for missing teeth.

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