b) A Fixed Teeth Ceramic Dental Bridge Restoration on Dental Implants (When All Teeth are Failing)

The fixed option is to have ceramic teeth permanently cemented to the implants and requires more implants and more bone.

For me at least this is the most challenging and exciting area of dental Implantology. The ability to restore a patients fixed dentition providing a long term functional and aesthetic outcome is an ultimate goal at the dental implant centre. Costs do vary greatly here and depend on the several factors that can only really be discussed and ascertained once a comprehensive examination has been carried out.

The factors to consider

  1. What is your expectation ?
  2. The volume of bone available ?
  3. The volume of gum tissue available ?
  4. The smile line and relationship of the lips to teeth.
  5. The facial contours and tissues ?
  6. Is bone grafting or sinus grafting required ?

We literally can re build a persons face using several techniques and implants and the degree of complexity for providing fixed teeth is directly related to the amount of bone loss and subsequent facial collapse a patient experiences.

You will reading about “miracle” cures and read such terms as allon4, same-day-teeth, teeth in an hour – these are clever marketing strategies by companies promoting there systems – there is simply no one fix for all in dental implantology – it is case specific. Humans look all different , we have different noses, eyes, teeth, muscles, ligaments and bone shapes. So as we are all different there can be no singular solution that fits everybody. Also in this type of treatment we must consider what level of investment is comfortable for our clients and then appropriately plan the best we can do for that budget. If i were to offer every patients the “ideal” then we would only be providing very complex restorations and sometimes patients simply would like a economical and quick solution that is totally understandable.

We use a minimum of 6 implants to hold a bridge containing up to 14 teeth upper or lower

Fixed Bridge in Just 3 Visits with the Least Intervention Possible

This patient required no extractions , no bone grafts and no sinus grafting – they had lots of available bone and did not require a fixed temporary denture or bridge during the 5 months of healing required.


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