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The First Stage

  1. We open the gum and Expose the bone where your tooth used to be
  2. Gentle drilling into the bone followed by the placement of the implant into the created space in the bone.
  3. Once placed we allow things to heal for 4 months and a process whereby the bone fuses with the implant occurs known as osseointegration.
  4. Impressions are then taken and a final crown fitted which will look and function like a natural tooth.
  5. Implants should last from 15-25 years.

The Consultation

This involves a 1 hour appointment where the dentist will go over your medical history, examine your mouth and ascertain the need for conventional X-rays or a C.T. scan. After the X-ray reports are finalized, an impression of your teeth is taken for further analysis. Once we have gathered all the information – it is vital that any outstanding dental work is completed.

We will then provide you with a proposal for Teeth Implant treatment, which will involve bands for various treatment options and costs. Once you are happy with your chosen treatment option and signed all your consent forms – you will be provided with a surgery date and antibiotics (which need to be taken 1 hour before the procedure and for 1 week afterwards).

Follow up and Maintenance

We would call you annually for an X-ray of your Implant – which is used for auditing and research (this is vital for evidence lead treatments). If you have been referred your own dentist can do this and send the X-rays to us.

We would expect you to maintain 6 monthly dental check-ups and hygiene visits your own dentist and hygienist. If you do not have one we can arrange this for you.

And that’s it!

Once the dental implant treatment is complete, we expect an Implant to last well over 15 years.

The Implant Surgery Day

We recommend a light meal before dental implant surgery and you will require an escort to drive you home especially if you are having Intra-Venous Sedation.

You will be asked to attend the appointment about 60 minutes before we are to start. In this time you will take your pre-operative antibiotics and have your teeth cleaned by our hygienist (in order to reduce the bacteria or plaque that may exist). You will be again asked to sign off your medical history form.

We will provide you refreshments and you can either watch TV or read a magazine of your choice to ease any anxiety on the day.

The Preparation for your dental implant surgery is simple and involves the following:

1: Brushing your teeth with Chlorohexidine (anti-bacterial) gel for 2 minutes.

2: Intra-Venous Sedation – the access is gained in a vein either at the back of your hand or in the crook of your arm. We use EMLA (numbing) cream and very small pain-free cannulation techniques – which is NOT painful and the most you may feel is a pinch.

3: We then administer 3 types of Intra-Venous drugs:

  • A mild sedative agent – Midazolam.
  • An agent to reduce saliva flow – Rubinul.
  • A steroid to reduce any post-surgery swelling – Dexamethasone.

Finally you are ready for Implant placement!

Implant surgery is PAIN FREE and on average a single Implant will take about 30 minutes to place.


Exposure and Restoration

A short appointment maybe required for the Exposure stage, which involves placing a healing cap onto your oral implant (if Implant was left underneath the gum). Usually this may take place between 6 weeks or up to 6 months after surgery dependant on your individual circumstances. More complex oral Implants will require greater healing times.

We simply numb the gum, make a small incision over the head of the oral Implant and place a small cap (which emerges from the gum) and allow this to heal for 2 weeks. We may even place a temporary crown at this stage.

For the Restoration stage (2 weeks after Exposure stage) an impression/mould is taken, a colour shade for your crown is selected and then this is constructed for you. An appointment for the final fit of the crown is made 3 weeks after the impressions. Bridges and Denture work will need more appointments. Once the crown/bridge/denture is fitted final X-rays and photos may also be taken at this appointment.

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