Refer Your Patient via our Online Form Here>CT scans are 3 dimensional images of your bone – We are very proud to be only one of a few practices in Berkshire to have a CT scanner in house. CT Scans at our London site are carried out at the CT-Dent centre in London. Below are some screen images of the information we gain that is invaluable to the dental Implant process as it allows to visualise the placement in 3D. The main benefit is that as we know the anatomy of the site where the implant is placed we do not have to make large cuts(incisions) in the gum. Implants are placed through a very small hole in the gum therefore reducing healing time and post surgery discomfort and swelling.

E-Woo Picasso

Our Preferred CT Scanner is the E-Woo Picasso from Vatech & E-woo Technology, used for 3D imaging of the jaws.

  • World’s best selling 3 in 1, Picasso trio scanners are installed in about 2,000 sites around the world.
  • The optimum FOV for Implant surgery. The FOV of Picasso trio covers the whole arch with just one scan. It offers all anatomical information like septum, cyst, etc in the sinus in cases like multi or full Mouth Implant surgery offers, at once.
  • 3 in 1 system. Picasso trio comes with a 3 in 1 system which offers all types of diagnostic images for the dental area. MAR Technology (Metal Artifact Reduction)
  • New technology from VATECH
  • To obtain ideal 3D images, VATECH has improved the MAR system offering superior diagnostics to modern dentistry.
  • Artifacts arising from metal objects can cause significant problems in the image quality of adjacent structures and prevent accurate diagnosis.
  • VATECH newly developed MAR technology (Metal Artifact Reduction) minimizes artifacts providing excellent image quality.
  • SRT(Short Reconstruction Time)


When to Scan a Patient

The criteria are as follows:

  • Single teeth implants in areas near delicate anatomical structures.
  • Mandibular Implants near I.D. or mental nerve.
  • Multiple immediate Implants.
  • Work involving full arch or multiple unit Implant work.
  • Before Sinus Lifting or Grafting.
  • Before Grafting procedures.
  • Nerve Repositioning surgery.
  • For Computer Aided Placement Stents e.g. Nobel ® guide, Materialise ® Guides (Belgium).

Our CT Patient Referral Policy

We will provide a C.T. scan for your patients within 3 days of any referral.

Referred patients for C.T. scanning will be in no way or form allowed to gain opinions or consultations for any aspect of their dental treatment within the practice and procedures can only be carried out as stipulated by the referring dentist.

Justification for C.T. scanning will be required under IRME 2000.

Patients will be provided a less than 10 minute waiting time and will be treated professionally to allow a stress and anxiety free experience in our separate scanning suite.

CT Data Referral Fees

Simplant Planner: £250.00

Simplant (including One shot ®): £550.00

Raw Data: £150.00

We provide our viewing software: F.O.C.


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