Dental Implant Centre is Proud to Introduce: 3Shape TRIOS® 2012 – Intraoral Scanning Solution

 “Cutting-edge Precision Digital Impression Technology”

The precision of images obtained of the oral cavity have a significant impact on the success of dental treatments, such as a dental implant treatment. The accuracy of the dental impressions taken can spell the difference between successfully creating a perfectly-fitting dental appliance – and the need for adjustments just to get a comfortable fit. We have just recently introduced the use of 3Shape TRIOS® 2012, which makes use of cutting-edge digital impression technology, so that digital impressions are taken with maximum accuracy, minimised time chairside, and with maximum patient satisfaction.

What is 3Shape TRIOS® 2012?

“Your 3D Model Scans sent to our Dental Labs (Who Design YOur Teeth) in Minutes!”

The 3Shape TRIOS® 2012 is an intraoral scanner designed to obtain highly-accurate digital impressions of the intraoral cavity. The resulting 3D digital model scans will be received by a laboratory using the Dental System in a matter of minutes after the impressions are sent from the dental office; these impressions make it possible for the design and manufacturing process to start immediately, even without the need to consult a physical model.

How Does the 3Shape TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner Work?

The 3Shape TRIOS® is an accurate and easy to use intraoral scanner designed to combine hundreds (or even thousands) of 3D images to come up with the final 3D digital impression needed for the dental design process. This digital impression solution makes use of 3Shape’s Ultrafast Optical Sectio-ning™ technology to capture more than 3000 2D images in a second – a speed which is 100 times faster compared to traditional video cameras.

 “No More ‘Gooy Stuff’ in Your Mouth”

The TRIOS scanner is designed with an ergonomic grip to provide dentists with maximum support and stability while the scanning process is underway. There is no need to position the scanner in specific angles just to get the necessary images – the scanner can even be rested against the teeth during the scanning process, and images obtained will still be highly precise. Oral hygiene is maintained to the highest level with the autoclaveable scanner tip, which can also be reversed for easy scanning of both the upper and the lower teeth (and jaws).

The images obtained can be seen on, and manipulated, on a touch screen monitor for 3D visualisation. The 3Shape TRIOS® 2012 system includes smart editing tools so that changes can be made even before the scans are sent to the laboratory – decreasing the need for redoing impressions. The scans are sent directly to the inbox of laboratories using the TRIOS Dental System in a matter of minutes, making it possible for the design and manufacturing process to start in the quickest way possible, without the need to consult a physical model of the oral cavity.

Benefits of the 3Shape TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner to the Patient

 “A Very Comfortable Way to To Impressions of Your Teeth”

Increased Comfort – The 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner’s ergonomic design greatly reduces, or can even eliminate, discomfort on the part of the patient. The scanner can fit comfortably inside the mouth, and can be used without the need for awkward angles or positions just to get accurate images.

“Less Time in the Dental Chair”

Faster Results – The TRIOS intraoral scanner is used without the use of a spray, which can be uncomfortable and can prolong the time that a patient needs to stay on the dental chair. The images are also sent to a dental laboratory in a matter of minutes, enabling the creation process to proceed without the need for a longer waiting period.

“Superior Precision Fitting Dental Crowns – Longer Lasting”

Better Fit of Dental Restorations – The high accuracy of the images obtained with the scanner results to better-fitting dental restorations, which will be more comfortable to use long term.

“Less Dental Appointments”

Reduced Dental Appointments – The number of dental appointments needed for the dental treatment is reduced because there are fewer retakes needed with the 3Shape TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner solution.

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