Case 1

Case 3

“Jennifer’s story – Jennifer came to us in 2010 and she had failing upper and lower teeth. She had already seen 3 other implant surgeons in another clinics and being a US resident living in the UK had also seen some USA based cosmetic dentists. After speaking to her friends about Dr Dandapat she finally choose Avik at the dental implant centre, Twyford nearing reading to embark on the journey to having a new set of fixed teeth. For anyone this is a big decision based on costs involved, commitment needed and the anxiety of having all the remaining teeth removed. Jennifer opted for our bespoke i-Smile(Same Day) option so we were able to plan her to have all her teeth removed in one day, the 12 dental implants placed and then a fixed temporary bridge placed at the same time in the upper and lower jaws. Our unique i-smile system means Jennifer did not have to experience having a set of dentures ever in her life. After an initial diagnostic appointment whereby we took photos, impressions and digital images of her smile, face and facial bones we were able to relate this information to our master ceramic technician to produce a temporary bridge prior to us embarking on surgery.

The big day came and the surgery was planned for 9.30am start – she attended the clinic at 9.00am and our support staff went through the pre op instructions , medical assessment and pre surgical checks. Jennifer opted for sedation – so she would be relaxed during the surgery. Everything went exactly as planned and Jennifer had her new fixed smile completed by 11.30am – allowing a period of 1 hour for recovery she was on her way to healing.

She healed for a total of 4 months then a further 3 appointments of 1 hour each were needed to produce her new ceramic upper and lower bridges. Jennifer can now eat, speak and function as if they were her own teeth back. The team at could not be happier for her and the success story of her treatment. Its patients like jennifer whom make our work very satisfying and all our staff were excited to see her results carried out efficiently with the minimal amount of fuss or complication. ”

Case 6

9 Dental Implants and fixed upper bridge with 12 teeth

Antony was a stunt man and over the years suffered from trauma to his natural dentition which he lost over the last 15 years. He attended to see us at the dental implant centre because he wanted fixed teeth back. For many years he had not worn dentures and hated the thought of having to remove his teeth.

As Antony had traveled from Ireland he had both limited time to attend for many appointments and so we bespoke’d a plan to reduce the number of times he had to fly down to the clinic.
We planned and placed a total of 9 dental implants in one surgical visit , prior to this initial consultation, a on-site CT scan and impressions where taken for a stent to be created.
We allowed a period of 5 months for our implants to osseointegrate and then only needed to see Antony for 3 more appointments to take moulds, photos and digital imprints of the implants and his smile, Working closely with our master ceramic technician we created a fixed bridge fitted and to a new correct bite by the 3rd appointment within 6 weeks of healing being complete.
Our multi disciplinary approach and bespoke systemic approach to the treatment lead to success in a very small amount of time.

Case 8

Upper dentition removed and new ceramic bridge on 6 Dental Implants

Mrs Y attended as her current dentition was failing – she was wearing a partial denture which was anchored to 3 key teeth which were now starting to breakdown. Horrified by the thought of a full denture – she opted for our bespoke fixed teeth solutions utilising 6 implants.

Treatment provided

  1. Placement of 6 implants on extraction of all upper teeth
  2. Placement of an immediate “same day” acrylic fixed bridge
  3. Restoration with a ceramic zirconia bridge digital construction and design.

Case completed in 6 months

Case 10

Bridge – with 2 Dental Implants

Case 12

Full mouth Bridge placed with 8 dental Implants

Case 2

Case 4

Full mouth Reconstruction

This patient presented to your clinic with failing upper teeth – due to years of dentistry including post crowns, fillings and periodontal issues the last few remaining upper teeth were compromised. We discussed the various options from implant retained dentures to a fixed prosthesis on 6 dental implants . Also due to the lack of bone in the molar regions there was a need to create bone and reconstruct the supportive tissue to allow us to place 6 dental implants. The choice was made to have a fixed set of teeth back. We performed bilateral (both sides) sinus augmentation and placement of 6 Ankylos Implants and a same day fixed temporary acrylic bridge. After a 4 month period final moulds were taken to contract a metal-ceramic bridge fitted unto bespoke implant abutments. All the Implants were integrated well. The patient was delighted with his new implant supported smile.

Case 5

38 year old female denture wearer to fixed bridge on 6 Dental Implants

This patient had lost her teeth due to advanced gum disease and was wearing a full upper denture for 12 years previously. She wanted a fixed solution and had lost significant bone height.

Treatment provided

  • Placement of 6 Ankylos Implants
  • Temporary full denture
  • High aesthetic ceramic bonded bridge with artificial gingival contouring.

Case was completed within 4 months.

Case 7

Anterior – Bridge with Dental Implants

Case 9

9 dental implants restoring a beautiful set of new upper fixed teeth

This patient had loose upper teeth due to gum disease and was constantly having problems with his upper denture. The treatment carried out was placement of 9 Implants and an upper full bridge.

“Years of gum disease had caught up with me and my denture was a nightmare – I saw Avik and within a few visits I had all my Implants placed. It really has changed my life. I now have fixed teeth and can eat and socialise again and not worry about them getting wobbly. I would not hesitate in going back” Mr B. Lloyd.

Case 11

Full mouth Reconstruction using 10 Dental Implants, 2 Sinus Grafts and Multiple bonded Crowns on front teeth