“Now they (my teeth) are perfect, I can really tear at stuff now!”

“I don’t have to worry about my teeth anymore. It’s back as it was with a new set off teeth”

“Professional, they’ve got all the equipment, careful and clean and I’ve had no problems”


“The first thing people would say to me is, don’t you have the most beautiful smile!”

“Certainly if you were of a nervous disposition, Avik would put you at ease, easily”

“I wish, I had, had him 10 years ago”


“Avik reassured me, told me all that he would do”

“It’s just a wonderful feeling to be able to live my life without being conscious of my teeth the whole time”


“Avik’s involving, he shows you what the problems are, gives you the options, explains what he is going to do, makes you feel comfortable and confident”

“From the receptionist to all the staff, they are very warm , friendly and very open” “I’m very happy, very confident”


“Perfect, couldn’t get any better service”

“Avik’s always been very helpful to me, he just fixed things”

“Very thorough, very professional and I would thoroughly recommend him”

“Avik talks you through everything, explains literally lots and lots and answers all your questions.

“The transformation is absolutely wonderful!, the state of my gums was very bad”

“I was getting tired of dentures, it limited me.. I didn’t want to go out anywhere, I was self conscious of my teeth”

“After having Dental Implants, I never look back now”.

“Avik will put you at ease.. it gave me a little bit of relaxation, hes approach is excellent, excellent!”


“I suffered from the dentistry of 40 years ago, there was a lot of decay”

“I got a beautiful set of teeth and that is a whole new world as far as I am concerned”

“It makes me feel more confident than I was before. I smile a lot more than I used to. I can eat what I like”

“There’s very little pain involved at all, which surprised me because when I came here I was shaking with nerves”

“It’s just magic! really”


“I had a bad experience with a school dentist many years ago, it put me off going to a dentist for life until I came here”

“Avik was able to put me at my ease”

“My confidence when I smile is so much better”


“The transformation has been absolutely staggering”

“Its absolutely wonderful”

“I’m such a nervous patient. Having seen Avik. I feel like a new woman”